Notes from October 2010

Work Prints Back From Lab

We shot 11 rolls of 7231 and 7222, plus an additional 300' short end. The total film shot was around 130 minutes, or about 1/3 of the total shot so far. It was a very productive period for us. Only wish we could have stayed longer. We found some great contacts in Plush in Lake County, and given more time (and money) we'd gladly go out there to record some film in a little one room school house, but we need to wrap the production and move closer to completion. The results from the lab are great, everything was 30 lights from the printer, so 95% of the exposures were spot on. We'll do all final lab work at Alpha Cine with printer Bill Scott. Alpha will process our optical track and make our final composite prints.

October 28, 2010  –  permalink

Final Empty Quarter Shoot

We returned to Malheur County for ten days, recording an onion harvest, onion packing, a bentonite mining operation outside of Adrian, making corn silage, services at one of Oregon's two Buddist temples, the Owyhee Dam, and a number of pick-up shots (open landscape in Succor Creek, agricultural buildings and other structures). It was tough work, probably one of our most labor-intensive shoots over the last ten years. The film is now at Cinelab being processed and printed. We have ahead of us a three-month period for all editorial and lab work prior to the premiere in late January. I've used seven different cameras for this production, and it was nice to have the Aaton XTR this time around.

October 14, 2010  –  permalink