Notes from May 2010

Change in Plans, New Travel Dates

Due in part to delays in service work on our equipment, delays on receiving supplies ordered weeks ago, and the desire to gain access to the operations at Murakami when they start up again in August, we postponed our production shoot. Folks at the chambers in Vale and Nyssa have been extremely helpful, and we are grateful for their support and interest in the project. Our list of contacts is growing and this slight delay we believe will end up working to the advantage of the project.

May 21, 2010  –  permalink

One Week Before Leaving to Malheur County

Everything seems to be lining up. A few leads have fallen through, but fortunately other opportunities have cropped up, including an invitation to visit Rodriguez Bakery in Nyssa. Regarding the trip route, we stuck to our initial plan to limit our geographic coverage. We will spend most of our time in Ontario-Vale-Nyssa (the Treasure Valley). We're both pretty excited for the trip, but there remains a lot of little details that need to come together in order to help things roll out smoothly. Though it can be stressful coordinating such production efforts, meeting new people in the region has been one of the driving factors in working on the project. As city dwellers, we rarely if ever get an opportunity to connect with rural residents and observe rural activities, not to mention the experience of being in this extremely low-density region is far from the city life of Portland.

May 15, 2010  –  permalink