Notes from April 2010

Kodak Announces Discontinuation of Plus-X

April 09, 2010

Earlier in the week, Kodak announced it's plans to discontinue 16mm Plus-X negative (7231) and reversal (7265) camera stocks. This a very sad news, and arrives at a bad time, as much of Empty Quarter and Open Road are being shot on 7231. Yesterday, I ordered some 7231 to stockpile for the last Empty Quarter shoot and the five remaining shots for Open Road. I hope what I purchased will get me through the next two projects. While other options for shooting black and white exist (7222, 7266, ORWO UN54 and N74), Plus-X negative has a very unique and wonderful look and carries forward a cinematic tradition starting with the birth of motion picture film. When pull processed, Plus-X can have an amazing latitude, seeing into shadows and incorporating highlights. Kodak's decision to discontinue this stock from their product line is extremely unwise, and shows a lack of commitment to a number of core products that have helped create an identity for the company.