Notes from July 2009

RACC Awards 16mm Directory

Last month we received news that 16mm Directory would be awarded grant funds from RACC. By December, we'll have the site up and running, with a focus on resources for 16mm exhibition. We hope the Directory will help to alleviate some of the redundancies seen in online forums, and the chaos resulting from general search queries on the web. We hope this resource will make distribution and exhibition a little easier for those new to filmmaking as well as long time makers.

July 25, 2009  –  permalink

New Space Coming Together

We're slowly making order out of chaos in the studio. At Oak Street, I could tell we had a lot of stuff, however the size of the space made things appear more manageable. In the meantime, I've continued planning with Paul and it looks like a Steenbeck service call is scheduled for mid-September. I'll do some above the deck work, and leave the remainder for Paul's visit. Also, I pulled the Eastman 275 out of the crates this weekend. It appears to be in fairly good shape, though you can tell it was sitting for 10 years in a garage. Apparently, the previous owner, who worked at a television station, saved it from getting dumped in the trash, and had it stored in his garage until I came along.

July 20, 2009  –  permalink