Notes from July 2007

Cooke CVK Testing

July 14, 2007

I'm testing a late-model Cooke 9-50 T2.5. The Cooke is twice the size of my Angenieux 12-120 T2.1, but still weighs a mere 3.25 pounds (the Angenieux is 2 pounds). I read on-line that if framing for 1.85, the lens will cover from 11.5 to 50, however when I quickly checked the lens only covered 1.66 from 20-50 in the eyepiece. I now have the mount/screen re-centered for 1.33 and cannot check coverage for 1.85. I shot a test with black and white Kodak and ORWO, 7231 and UN54 respectively. The lens is very warm in fact warmer than my Angenieux, and I was very pleased with its contrast range. Regarding the stocks, I have to say the ORWO is impressive. I went for spot on exposure to see how the grain would look, and there was grain but much less than expected.