Oregon Media Arts Fellowship

My deepest gratitude goes out to the jury for selecting Real Estate as one of two projects awarded this year's Oregon Media Arts Fellowship. Additional thanks to Northwest Film Center, for its ongoing administration of OMAF, and the Oregon Arts Commission for financing, year after year, this and other awards for Oregon artists.

March 06, 2014  –  permalink

Caldera Artist-in-Residence

I am near the end of my second week at Caldera, and the development of Real Estate has been coming along quite well. My camera is in the shop for service, and I acquired a new 9.5mm lens last month, all in preparation to begin shooting film tests in February/March. The plan is to test ORWO UN54 and N74, as well as Kodak 7222 (Double-X), and shoot and process 7266 (Tri-X Reversal) as negative.

January 16, 2014  –  permalink

Open Road Premieres in Berlin

Open Road premieres in Berlin at Unknown Pleasures American Independent Film Festival. I'm honored the Festival selected a still from Open Road to appear on the landing page of the Festival website, as well as the Festival poster. There is some great work in this year's UP, including new films by Frederick Wiseman, Matthew Porterfield, Travis Wilkerson and Kevin Jerome Everson. Screenings of Open Road take place January 7th and the 12th.

December 27, 2013  –  permalink